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Dallas White Collar Crime Lawyers

Qualified Texas White Collar Crime Attorneys

A white collar crime is a business related crime that usually involves the theft of money and ongoing deception.  White collar crimes are usually committed by high-profile individuals who have the knowledge and means to carry out financially related criminal offenses.  These crimes may be investigated by state or federal agencies and can be watched closely for months or years at a time.  

Frequently committed white collar crimes include, but are not limited to:  bribery, counterfeiting, credit card fraud, embezzlement, extortion, forgery, fraud, money laundering, pyramid/marketing schemes, RICO crimes, tax evasion and wire fraud.

White Collar Crime Information & Facts

  • White collar crimes that are committed in the state of Texas are usually nonviolent.
  • In Texas, the majority of white collar crimes are committed by business professionals.
  • Nationally, the amount of money that is stolen during white collar crimes has increased. 
  • Throughout the United States, the number of white collar crimes committed each year has steadily increased.
  • According to the National Fraud Center’s statistics, white collar crimes accounted for the loss of $5 billion in 1970 and accounted for the lost of over $100 billion in 1990. 
  • One of the fastest growing types of white collar crimes is telemarketing fraud, followed closely by identity theft.
  • Only 41% of white collar crime victims will report the incident to the appropriate law enforcement agencies. 
  • When a person is convicted of a white collar crime, he/she may have to pay restitution, pay fines, spend time in jail and be placed on probation. 

Dallas, Texas White Collar Crime Attorneys

After a person has been charged with a white collar crime, it is important for him/her to know that he/she will be up against not only state law enforcement officials, but possibly federal officials.  This makes it all the more crucial for the person to obtain the services of an experienced Dallas white collar crimes defense lawyer who can protect his/her individual rights while providing winning defense tactics.    

If you are looking for an experienced Dallas white collar crime attorney, contact our Texas law firm today!

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